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Our Aviary is closed to non essential persons.  We do this to protect our birds.  We use nothing but products that do not harm the birds.  All cages are steam cleaned daily, food and water containers are also cleaned daily.

The cleaner you keep your bird area, the less likely you will be of the bird becoming ill.

The History of Johnson Bird's

We acquired a pair of Yellow Nape Amazons from a friend who could no longer care for them.  Captian and Queenie were beautiful from the day we got them.  We never knew that we would become so attached to birds.  Well, from there eggs were laid and babies came.  So, what else could we do but start our own business.  We hope that everyone who owns or buys a bird remembers that parrots live 60 to 80 years.  Who will care for them when you are gone.

Other Birds

We have  Blue & Gold Macaws,  we have a breeding Green Winged Macaws, Yellow Collared Macaws, Severe Macaws and  Buffon's Macaws. 

We have Yellow Napes. 

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"Quality not Quantity"