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This is the last page we will bore you with.

This is the last of the current pictures.  You can see we take in birds NO ONE wants.  All are precious no matter whether all parts are there or not.

LT, a Yellow Nape Amazon

This is one of the other triplets.  He is the fun loving one.  He is a real acrobat.  He is talking really well.

One of Our Male Goffins

This is Ditty Butt, she is a Goffin  Cockatoo.  She was abandoned and donated to me.  She was housed in a cage with 6 other birds.  She would not get off the bottom of the cage, so that means she was covered with feces.  Well,s he has had a nice warm bath, nails trimmed, her own new cage.  She is just talking and hopping around.  I thinks he likes her new home.


"Quality not Quantity"