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Welcome To Johnson Bird's

Johnson Bird's is a closed aviary.  All of our birds are hand fed and given alot of affection.  Affection makes a bird a loving part of any family. 

Our goal is to provide a quality bird.  We believe in "Quality not Quantity".


We also take in the birds that no one can longer care for or want anymore.  We gladly accept handicapped birds. 



I also have a web site dedicated to bird lovers.

Parrot Information

Caring for your new parrot

Your parrot has been handfed.  Hand feeding ensures that birds will bond with people and that your bird will bond with you.  Our birds eat only a pelleted and fresh cooked diet.  NO chocolate, avocado, tomato, sugar or dairy- these can KILL your bird.  Parrots spend 1/2 of their time sleeping, 1/4 of their time eating and 1/4 of their time preening and playing.  Because they do not have to hunt for food, they have more time to interact with you.  The first thing you have to do is to earn your bird's trust.

It is a MUST for your bird to eat and drink.  You MUST keep fresh water daily.  Make sure you see your bird drinking the water. 

Birds need periodic baths.  You make take him into the shower with you or use a spray bottle to mist the bird.

Decide how much time you will spend with your bird daily, try to be consistent with this time.  DO NOT play all day and ignore him the next day.  It is normal for a bird to take a few days to settle in to his new environment.

Birds need 10-12 hours of sleep at night.  They liked to be covered at night with a night light in case they fall off their perch.  They have excellent hearing, so noises in total darkness can be very scarey to them.

Do not scrimp on your bird cage, BIGGER is better.  Try to use 3 sizes of perches.  This helps exercise their feet.

Parrots learn from watching you!!!!





What We Feed

We feed our babies Exact hand feeding formula for 4 weeks, and then we introduce organic baby foods mixed with the Exact.  This gets them use to different tastes. 

As the weening starts, we use Exact Weening mix, with lots of fresh vegetables and some fruits.  They love TEXTURES.

We use a cooked food made of: cornmeal, carrots, yellow squash, broccoli, cauliflower, mixed greens, lentils, green beans, zucchani, corn, olive oil, ginger spice, garlic powder, red peppers (dried),  brown rice, old fashion oatmeal, ground flax, grits, diced bell peppers, farina, couscous, organic baby food, organic apple juice, fruits.


What We Provide

Hand Fed Babies

DNA Sex Testing on all birds

Avian Vet visits

Proven Pairs.

We DO NOT sell un weened birds.






Tell Us What You Think

Please let us know what you think of advise we give.  Let us know of any topic you might like to see.  We will research it before we include it on our site.


Our Birds

We specialize in Yellow-naped Amazons, Blue & Gold Macaws, Green-winged Macaws, Yellow-collared Macaws, Severe Macaws and Buffon's Macaws. 


We also have a parrot rescue named PRECIOUS FEATHERS AVIAN SANCTURAY AND RESCUE for Cockatoos.  We do not if ever rehome a Cockatoo.  Once here  they become a forever family member.

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"Quality not Quanity"