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Current hand feeding babies

These were 2 Yellow Nape babies I am hand fed last year. 

The Timor after fishing trip

Of course the boat had to be washed after the fishing trip.


As you can see the birds we raise are the bosses here....

Wing Clipping Info

We clip our birds wings from the P1 to the P10, about 1/4" below the Primary Coverts.  This is for the birds protection, since they spend a great deal of their time out of cages in the aviary.

Nail Trimming

Part of good care of your bird include keeping the nails trimmed.  This is done about every 2 weeks. 

The 2 Girls This Year

Here are the girls, DNA sexed. 

More of the girls

Oh, Mommy my belly is so full.










"Quality not Quantity"