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Below are the breeds we sell and their prices.

We DO NOT sell unweaned babies......


Yellow-collared Macaws     $900.00

Severe Macaws     $800.00

Blue & Gold Macaws     $1100.00

Bolivian Green-winged Macaws     $1800.00

Green-winged Macaws     $1500.00

Buffon's Macaws     $5000.00

Yellow-naped Amazons     $1000.00



Shipping Info
Your bird will be shipped to the airport nearest you, within the USA only. Shipping is not included in the price of your bird, and usually costs around $125.00.

Whenever possible, we ship "freight collect". You will pay the airline directly, either prepaid or when you pick up your bird, as required by them.

All 50 states now require health certificates to ship to their states.  Cost is approximately $70.00 for the vet check and health certificate. This cost is not included in the price of your bird.  Be sure to check requirements for your state.

We make all of the flight arrangements and confirm everything with you before we ship. Not all airlines ship live animals, so we will ask for the airport closest to you and a second choice as well. We do our best to find the most direct flight in the shortest amount of time. We put dry seed blend and fresh fruit in the carrier for the trip, but if the airport is more than a short trip home, you should plan on bringing fresh water to offer your bird when you pick it up. I prefer Delta’s Pet’s First.

Weather is also a factor in shipping. The airlines will not transport birds unless temperatures are above 50 degrees and below 85 degrees in each city in which the plane lands during transit.  In summer months, we can ship at night and avoid the heat of the day; however, shipping during winter months is more difficult.  We will do everything we can to get your baby home safely and as soon as possible.

Once you have the flight information, it's a good idea to call ahead to find out the exact location where you are to pick up your bird. This information may vary by airport, airline and time of day:  it may be inside the passenger terminal or at the cargo terminal. The cargo terminal is usually located somewhere on the perimeter of the airport and you can drive right up to the front door, versus parking in the lot at the passenger terminal. 

Be sure and take the flight information as well as our phone number with you to the airport. Tell the person at the counter who you are, and that you have a live bird coming in on that flight. You can expect to wait twenty minutes or more for them to bring your bird to you.  Take a peek inside the carrier and make sure everything is okay before you sign the airway bill. We have never had any problems and don't expect to, but once you sign the airway bill, the airline is no longer responsible, so it is just good policy. We do fly all of the birds insured. 
The person on the airway bill shown as consignee has to be the one to pick the bird up at the airport, so if you plan on having someone pick up for you, just let us know who to put on the airway bill. Also, be prepared to show two forms of ID, one  with a picture.

The airline will process the paperwork, and you take your bird home. We ask that you either give us a call, or at least drop us an email and let us know that all is okay. 

We normally ship twice a month, depending on weather conditions.